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English Lessons

I offer online or face to face English lessons that are based around your personal goals and are customized to your personal needs. You can choose the course and the location of the lesson that suits you – feel free to take a lesson in the comfort of your own home, café, my location or at work via Skype.

Please look at my range of courses and lesson plans below, but feel free to contact me if you cannot see a course that suits your personal needs. I will gladly create and send you a personalized plan that fits your needs.

Children English lessons

Are you looking to increase your teenager’s chance of success in the future?

I offer one on one special classes for children over the age of 12 years old; these classes follow the “More” series that helps improve all key areas of learning English.

“More” is a four level course from Cambridge University Press. This series is bursting with materials such as dedicating reading, culture, grammar, vocabulary, skills and cross-curricular learning sections. Students will be given online registration to access a variety of learning tools via “More” secure internet learning website; this is a great way for students to ensure success in learning English in my lessons and at home.

Let’s just talk! Free flowing conversation lessons

Do you want to improve your English speaking ability and build your confidence? 

These One on one free flowing conversation lessons are designed to help students build their personal confidence in speaking English and are a good way to increase your vocabulary too. Every lesson is structured to ensure that you will benefit from talking about one interesting social topic of your choice, which will be decided before the lesson starts.

This special technique will help you think quickly, speak fluently and with confidence. I create and cover a variety of social speaking situations. From personal to business English, from work related topics, at home or when travelling. This system will help you improve your English ability.

Each lesson is personal to the Student. I will personally adapt your lesson to your priorities, needs and desires with the aim of encouraging students to speak freely and also practice your listening skills too.

Adult one on one conversation lessons

Do you wish to revise your English, or start to practice your general English conversation skills to feel more at ease when speaking the language or travelling abroad?

One on one general English conversation lessons are deigned to follow the leading series “New Headway” British English, from Oxford University Press. This ensures that your lessons are enriched with both topical and entertaining English facts that can be used in your daily life. As well as ensuring that there is a clear focus on grammar, and real world speaking skills that is used in Everyday English. In your general conversation lesson you’ll be given the chance to study, question, discuss and to practice free conversation under my guidance, your personal teacher.

With this service I will also forward you the following documents to support your learning outside of our lessons.

  • Grammar PDF presentations.
  • Section PDF word lists.

One on one business English lessons

Are you looking for English language training that truly meets the particular needs of international business professionals?

In today's life it’s getting more important to prove that you’re able to communicate in English at a high level. English has and will always be an important tool in the business world with multinational companies and globalization.

Therefore I offer private Business English lessons that are geared towards improving your English abilities. These lessons are designed to follow the all-new, five-level International Express Third Edition. It has been especially designed for adult professionals who need English for real life and work.

This series focuses on the key areas below.

  • Ideal blend of business and general English, with a strong communicative focus
  • Syllabus with global lifestyle topics, specifically designed to get adult professional learners talking
  • Stunning video accompanies every unit, which can be watched in your own personal time.

Students are requested to purchase their own copy of the exercise books; I will gladly provide you with all the details for your purchase.

So whatever your reason for studying is, whether it’s a hobby, to communicate when travelling abroad, for Business or just in order to socialize, I am here to help and offer you my full personal support.